The third biggest town and the biggest harbor in Croatia, is typical big town (lot of ships , trucks, etc.) Rijeka does not have a beach. Romans built colony Tarsaticea after mastery Illyr’s tribes. Rijeka became to be important sea entrance for Austria. The route connecting Vienna with Kraljevice. This route support economical development and mainly the frame of ships. The modern shipyard was open in year 1792. The railway to Zagreb, Budapest and Vienna built later attracted first tourist in Rijeka area.

The main motorway (Korzo) goes thought the town from east to west, but main orientation point is still the harbor. The earthquake destroyed town in year 1750.

The main business street (Korzo) was built on the place of the old destroyed walls. The castle from 13th century is located on the strategic place above Rijeka. Another interest points in Rijeka are museums. The marine and historical museum at Muzejski market was established in year 1876. Museum has archeological and historical collections. Naturalistic museum has geological and botanical collections from Rijeka’s region.
Rijeka - ChurchRijeka - Church
Church of Capuchin
Gubernatorial palace
Rijeka - centre of townRijeka - centre of town
Rijeka - Fort TrsatRijeka - Fort Trsat
Rijeka - Fort Trsat